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-  Do you know where you are? This may sound like a stupid question, but often, when walking we know where we are, because we walk there often, but do you know street name? Normally this does not present a problem, but if we need to call for help, or report an incident, the correct information can save valuable time. Get in the habit of making a mental note of which street you are walking on, if you aren't certain.  Try to remember which block you are on as well. (eg. Evergreen Drive, between Acres and Sycamore)

-   If you have a burglar alarm, USE IT! even if you are only going out for a few minutes.  If you don't have an alarm, you might consider the investment. Security companies can also provide an anti-theft film for windows and patio doors to make it harder for a thief to gain access.

-  Keep your doors and windows locked at all times.  If you do open a window (summer), make sure you close it before going out.  Do a check that doors and windows are closed and locked before going out.  Keep the door to the garage and from the garage into the house locked as well.

- Try to remove items from your yard,  such as tables, chairs, ladders, or anything that can be used by a thief to reach windows on the first and second floors.

 - Do not leave valuables or gifts in your car, especially not visible. Items such as keys, ids, or remote car openers can be taken and used to gain access to your home or identity at a later date.  If your car is ever broken into, check that these items were not taken.  If they were, take further preventative action.

- Be cautious about opening your door to strangers.  In the past, scams have included people asking to use your phone to call for help as their car is broken down, or similar ploys.  Most people today have cell phones to call for help. On the other hand, if you judge an urgency to call, offer to make the call for the person, while they wait on the porch (with the door closed).  Or offer to make the call to 911.  If a tradesman (Bell, Hydro, GazMet, City, or other) comes to the door, ask to see their id.  If they can't, or refuse to show it, do not let them in, and call 911.

- Be alert for strangers or suspicious persons in the area.  Keep an eye open on your neighbour’s property when they are out or away. If you are going away and have a neighbor you trust, advise them and also advise if you are expecting anyone to visit your home while you are away. DO NOT post your vacation plans on Facebook, as this tells people your house may be empty.

 - If you see suspicious activity, do not hesitate to call 911. We, who were around when 911 was conceived have been inbred to not call 911 unless there is a MAJOR event. This is not the case today. 911 is the central call center for the police and other emergency services. Their agents' job is to triage the nature of the call and act accordingly.


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Incident Report now available online:

An incident report form is now available online. While not mandatory, completing this form will enable us to keep track of our success stories, as well as share the information so your fellow watchers will know what to look out for.  We tried to keep it simple, so it should only take a minute or two to complete.  Just click the incident report button above.
SPVM's PDQ 1 Report:

Police in the past have mentioned that some home breakins were associated with ladders, that were either stolen, or found in the back yard, providing a tool of opportunity.  If you normally leave a ladder in your backyard, it is suggested that you leave it in your garage or shed.  If you must leave it outside, you should secure it in a safe place with a chain and padlock.

A Neighbourhood Watch member reports a possible trend that breakins may be linked to emergency calls to the hospital. While there is no firm evidence of this, it is worth bearing in mind.  If you have to leave the house in a rush, to go to the hospital, or for another emergency, if you have time, ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your house.  As well, breakins in the weeks following  a death in the family have been known to occur.  Keep these tips in mind, and share them with your friends and neighbours.

Other suspicious occurence have been reported.  Teenagers or young adults have been reported ringing door bells, either early in the morning or late at night.  They use a pretext such as needing to use the washroom, or to make a phone call for a tow truck or whatever.
 NEVER, let strangers into your home. If they need help, have them wait outside while you make the call for them. Furthermore, if they are beligerent, or act suspiciously, call 911 right away. 

On the vehicle front, there have been a number of high-end vehicles, such as Lexus stolen in Beaconsfield.  Vehicles with the keyless entry and starting seem to be more vulnerable to theft. If you or your neighbours have a vehicle in this category, here are some ideas that may protect them:

-  Equip your vehicle with an alarm.
-  Park your vehicle in the garage, rather than on the driveway or street.
-  Park your vehicle in a well lit area, if you must park on the driveway or street.
-  Always keep your vehicle locked. 

If you see anyone behaving in a suspicious manner around parked vehicles, do not hesitate to call 911.

Here are a couple of areas to keep an eye out for:

Another suspicious behavior has been reported by a couple of people.  In this case, a small group of males in their late teens or early twenties were observed late at night.  In one case, the individuals were seen peering into vacant premises.  A youth in a nearby home chased them off.  In a second similar incident, young men rang a doorbell late at night, and asked for booster cables, to boost a car that was suspiciously missing.  Both of these cases raise questions, and the police should have been called. (911).  DO NOT TRY to chase anyone away, and DO NOT open your door to strangers late at night.  By calling 911, you may help the police to catch a criminal.

Computer Scam:  A common scam that is happening more and more these days is that a person calls and identifies themselves as being from "The technical department of Windows"  and claims that your computer is sending errors.  They may or may not refer to you by name.  They then ask you to allow them access to your computer to fix the problem.  You should be aware that Microsoft does not make such calls and these calls are fraudulent.  If you have caller id on your phone, the displayed number will be ficticious.  Under no circumstances should you let these people access to you computer, as they can steal personal and financial information.  On the other hand, if YOU initiate the call to a valid tech support number, access your system may be requested, and is not abnormal.

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